Online Booking – Simples!

Hi everybody!

Being a sole worker at my salon sometimes makes it difficult to answer the phone or pickup messages and this could mean disappointment for both of us, not good!!

Also there are people in this big wide world who seem to think it’s ok to make an appointment with someone and then not bother to turn up and don’t even call. If it can be done for a doctor’s appointment then what chance does a lil’ ol’nail technician have, not good!

So to make life easier all round I’ve gone down the road of implementing an online booking system where you can choose the service you want, select the date you want, check availability and book yourself in, up to an hour before – easy peasy!

You are asked to provide card details but don’t worry no money is taken out unless you fail to turn up to your appointment or don’t cancel within the specified time.

No one can access your card details including me, they’re safely stored in an encrypted database. It’s so secure, one of my best clients who happens to be an accountant is more than happy to use it.

Sounds too complicated? Noooo! It’s so simple to use even the biggest technophobes can easily make a booking – trust me, I can even give you their names and you can ask them yourself!

Book Now buttons can be found on the Home page, my instagram profile @zhoozhnails, my google profile for Zhoozh Nails & Body and my facebook page

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